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October , 2018

Event : Chumphon Boat-Racing Festival
Location : Langsuan district, Chumphon Province
Boat Racing Festival of Langsuan District, Chumphon had been long time
about 100 years ago, traditional long boat festival has been held annually in
October and the special identity only one of Siam for judged the competition
by”Pantomime win a flag”.

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October , 2018

Event : Chumphon Hawk migration Festival
Location:Tayang Sub-district and Khao Dinsao,Pathiw District,Chumphon Province
Amazing unseen in Thailand with the hundred thousand hawk migration more
than 40 generations on the sky of Chumphon province around in October
every year such as Grey-faced Buzzard hawk,Chinese Goshawk,Osprey
hawk,Marsh Harrier,Amur Falcon and Eagle ensure that each generations
difficult to find in Thailand.











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